Recycled Cast PMMA Policril Recycled

The market is increasingly aware of the environmental impact produced by the consumption of single-use plastic products and materials, which is why it is essential to change the current production model, based on producing, consuming and later throwing out.
The use of materials whose raw materials come from the reuse of waste, step by step is becoming a real alternative. In part, thanks to the use of new, increasingly efficient recycling systems that allow an increase in the quantities treated and recovered. All this contributes to the gradual implementation of an alternative system to the current one, truly sustainable and respectful with the environment, based on the optimization of resources, a circular economy model.
Policril RECycled is the return to the origins of IRPEN, reincorporating into our thermoplastics catalog a cast pmma made from recycled raw material.
The goal is to bring endless life to acrylic, the base component. MMA, due to its intrinsic properties, allows the recycling process and reconversion into new raw material to be carried out repeatedly without the material being altered. Ultimately, we have the ideal candidate for a production model based on the circular economy.

"Methacrylate, the ideal candidate for a production model based on the circular economy"

The polymer coming from plastic recuperation (either sheet, cut-off, etc.) after a grinding process and through chemical recycling, is depolymerized, neutralized and distilled to reach the desired purity levels. After this process the base component is obtained, the monomer of methyl methacrylate. From this R-MMA, and after a new polymerization process, sheets of Policril RECycled are obtained.

Performance of Policril RECycled sheets is equivalent to synthetic methacrylate, with the added value of being more environmentfriendly.
This process can be repeated infinitely without the resulting sheet modifies its properties.
With Policril RECycled we offer our clients new business opportunities, by offering them sustainable alternatives in a market that is
increasingly aware of the environment.

"With reference to the standard methacrylate manufacturingbprocess, RECYCLED's production involves:
- Reduction of CO2 emission
- Reduction of water consumption
- Reduction of waste disposal


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